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Below are just a few testimonials given to the clinic after making a full recovery.
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A picture of a Amy Puckett a previous patient of Dr. Jose Lara“I had neck, back and hip pain before receiving treatment from Dr. Lara. My head felt too heavy for my neck and resulting in constant aching pain. My hips always had a dull ache which prevented me from exercising and from being able to sit or stand for more than an hour at a time.

Now that I have completed treatment with Dr. Lara, I am happy to say that I haven’t felt this great since my early twenties. I can workout, run, do squats, lunges and upper body exercises at any intensity. I continue to feel great!

Dr. Lara is so friendly and it’s always a pleasure to see him and get an adjustment. He is very intelligent and the best doctor for chiropractic care. I have already recommended him to my family and friends.”
- Amy Puckett

A picture of a Jesus Montanez a previous patient of Dr. Jose Lara“Before seeing Dr. Lara, I had extreme lower back pain. I couldn’t even get up from bed or a chair. I was unable to go to work because the pain was so intense. When this problem first happened, I went to a medical doctor but received no help. The treatments from Dr. Lara have benefited me tremendously. I no longer have back pain, I returned to work and can now spend time doing the activities I enjoy with my family. I am even able to exercise and run! I am happy that I am better and that my family no longer has to worry about me. I definitely recommend Dr. Lara to anyone suffering from back pain.”
- Jesus Montañez

A picture of a Sandra Lima a previous patient of Dr. Jose Lara“Before coming to see Dr. Lara, I suffered from severe low back pain for many years. This pain affected my life to the point where I couldn’t do anything. I originally went to my family medical doctor for this problem and he prescribed me pain and sleeping pills. I have lived my life like this for the past five years. When I finally came to Dr. Lara he found that the cause of my pain was a herniated disc. I began spinal decompression therapy and laser therapy and in 2 months, I am all better! I can now do all the activities that I enjoy, basic activities like cleaning my home, sitting for long periods of time and just living a normal life which is something I couldn’t do before. To anyone suffering with severe back pain, I 100% recommend Dr. Lara and the therapies he uses to correct the spine!”
- Sandra Lima

A picture of a Carleen Jones a previous patient of Dr. Jose Lara“My life before seeing Dr. Lara consisted of daily pain in my neck and low back. I also had headaches, nausea and sometimes vomiting. My left hand would hurt all the way into my armpit area. It was even painful to simply lay in bed. For over 30 years I had numbness on the right side of my knee, which traveled, to my thigh. For 10 years my left knee was numb which also extended into my leg.

These painful conditions really affected my life. I was unable to exercise or even do some walking. My job was all I had enough energy for, as my pain would continue to worsen unless I received an adjustment, which gave me a window of comfort. It was inconvenient to be unable to take trips or be the car very long without resulting in increased pain for days. The simple motion of going over a curb, speed bumps or driveways gave me increased pain.

I went to 12 doctors for these problems and it was very challenging since I am a travel nurse. Dr. Lara is the best doctor I have ever been to!

The specific spinal adjustments from Dr. Lara really helped me have more mobility and less pain. As Dr. Lara looked deeper into the cause of my pain he discovered that damaged discs were a main contributor. I started disc decompression treatment (DRX9000) and had positive results right after my first treatment. I regained sensation in my left leg! Now after completing the treatments I have no numbness in either leg whatsoever! I no longer have the pain and I can sleep comfortably, sit, drive and just live so much better than before. I feel that the DRX9000 treatment is nothing short of a miracle. I am so sold and thankful to God for this invention. I am thankful to Drs. Jose and Kim Lara, Dr. Pisano and all of the staff. They all did a super job throughout my treatment. Everyone has been saying that they see a difference on my face. I smile more and am more relaxed. I absolutely would recommend this treatment!!”
- Carleen Jones

A picture of a Nellie Alvarado a previous patient of Dr. Jose Lara“I was in so much pain. My medical doctor suggested surgery for my back problem but I refused since I saw how much pain my neighbor was in after her back surgery. One day, I heard Dr. Lara on the radio explaining chiropractic care. So I decided to take a chance and try it and I am so glad that I did! Before treatment I was so limited in doing things. I used to have throbbing back pain after walking, exercising and even some house chores. Dr. Lara studied my MRI and discovered that I had a bulging disc, which was causing my terrible pain. To correct this disc problem, Dr. Lara recommended spinal decompression therapy using the DRX9000C. I am so happy with the results! After only 8 treatments I am sleeping through the night, doing exercise and feeling so much better. I would highly recommend this treatment to my family and friends.”
- Nellie Alvarado

A picture of a Rosa Beltran a previous patient of Dr. Jose Lara“Before seeing Dr. Lara I suffered from severe neck pain. My head was always pounding. I was unable to lift things and my arms felt paralyzed. I was always tired. I was constantly complaining to people about my pain. I felt useless because I was unable to do any of my daily chores around the house. I went to 3 other doctors for this problem but they were unable to help me. Now that I have received treatment with the DRX9000C I can move without pain or fear. I can do my daily chores and activities. I am able to lift, bend and go to places I enjoy like the park. I finally feel the desire and strength to live again! I highly recommend this treatment to anyone with back problems. I thank Dr. Lara for helping me get my life back!”
- Rosa Beltran

A picture of a Steve Borg a previous patient of Dr. Jose Lara“Before seeing Dr. Lara for my herniated disc, I felt sharp stabbing pain in my left hip area. This pain prevented me from walking, exercising and most importantly, playing golf. I saw a medical doctor and a different chiropractor for this problem but the pain was still there.

After receiving treatment from Dr. Lara on the DRX900C, I am now back to golfing and exercising. I feel much better.”
- Steve Borg

A picture of a Sondra Hawkins a previous patient of Dr. Jose Lara“Before seeing Dr. Lara, I was in constant pain due to my severe back problem and sciatica. I was unable to exercise, walk without pain or sleep through the night. After receiving an MRI, it was discovered that I had 3 herniated discs in my lower back. I sought care from several medical doctors but the only options they gave me were pain medication and surgery. Dr. Lara studied my MRI and recommended that I try disc decompression therapy (DRX9000C). I started the therapy in April and by mid May, I am happy to say that I no longer have pain! I can finally sleep through the night, walk without pain and exercise! I am so satisfied with this treatment that I have already recommended it to three of my friends! Thank you so much Dr. Lara.”
- Sondra Hawkins

A picture of a David Sanderson a previous patient of Dr. Jose LaraFor the past 10 years I have been suffering from severe back pain. I’ve had 5 injuries to my lower back, which resulted in several bulging discs. My pain affected every area of my life including relationships, work, fun, exercising, activities with my children and sleeping. Now that I have undergone spinal decompression therapy with the DRX9000C, I am finally enjoying a better quality of life. I am now able to exercise and sleep better. I have more energy and vitality. My back is healing and I am not in pain anymore. Thank you Dr. Lara for offering this amazing treatment and giving me my life back. Words cannot express my gratitude properly.
- David Sanderson