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Products and Recommendations


If you are looking to create better posture and correct aberrant curvatures of the spine then I believe the use of a Posture Pump® is essential. Posture Pump® gradually lifts, stretches and separates the neck and back joints into their proper curved shape. As the spine is stretched and curved over uniquely angled air cells, compression is removed from the discs and nutrient-rich fluid can now be absorbed. At my office we begin curvature correction utilizing specific stretching and strengthening protocols along with Pettibon Foam Wedges and then progress to utilizing the Posture Pump. If you have been doing these protocols and are ready to progress to using the Posture Pump, I recommend ordering one online though (it is actually less expensive then going through the Posture Pump site). If you are looking for more information on the product, you can go to

Posture Pump


Having the correct pillow for your specific sleep position is essential for not only getting a good nights sleep but also to support your cervical curvature. The pillow I use is a water based pillow. This pillow responds to head movement – no more waking up to fluff and re-stuff. It gives you proper cervical support all night long even as you change sleeping positions. The name of this pillow is called Chiroflow. It can be found on


I have some patients who aren't a big fan of a water based pillow and feel they need firmer support. That's not a problem. For those patients, the pillow I recommend is Foot Levelers Pillow-Pedic. I like this pillow because of it's "4 in 1" design which works with patients of all sizes. Again, you can just search it on

Pilo Pedic

For side sleepers, I highly recommend using a Leg Pillow, sometimes called a Knee Pillow. It helps to align your hips and knees in a neutral position to prevent the top knee from falling forward during side sleeping. Great for anyone with arthritic knees or hips too! I like the "Contour Original Leg Pillow" by Ecru but there are a lot of choices on line. Just go to and search for "Leg Pillows for Sleeping."

Contour Original Leg Pillow, Ecru


These devices can assist you in taking care of your aches and pains at home and helping you to rehab so your adjustments will hold longer. Or maybe you need some relief while waiting to get in for an appointment for and adjustment.

The first device is a Self Roller Massager. It helps improve flexibility, recovery, performance, injury prevention and injury therapy. In general, it helps eliminate muscle soreness and pain. It comes in several sizes but I recommend the 24" size so it is easier to perform work on the shoulders and back. Just search The Stick Massage Stick at

The Stick Big Stick

The next device is the Thera Cane Massager. It is a Cane-shaped massager used to apply pressure to sore muscles and trigger points. It can be used to reach just about any region of the body and is great to work out those painful trigger points when you don't have time to schedule a massage (although nothing takes the place of a good massage therapist).

Thera Cane Massager