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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care Phoenix Arizona

The Chiropractic profession is often poorly misunderstood, and many people have no experience with Chiropractors. Chiropractic is founded upon the premise that when spinal bones are functioning in normal motion and position, the central nervous system can deliver its vital energy for the proper function of the body's tissues, organs and systems. With this philosophy, Chiropractic is not simply treatment for pain!

Like Dentistry and regular check ups, Chiropractic involves regular check ups to identify subluxations in the spine, comparative to cavities in the mouth.

Everyday occurrences can cause the spinal bones to lose their usual motion or position. This can set off a chain reaction affecting the vertebrae, nerves, muscles, soft tissues and results in degenerative changes throughout the body.

Chiropractors are the only doctors trained to detect and correct subluxations through safe, gentle and specific adjustments.

A Safer Approach—from Acute Care to Ongoing Wellness Care

Dr. Jose Lara adjusting a patientConventional treatment and management approaches for injury and chronic conditions—non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), corticosteroids, and muscle relaxants—have potential for serious adverse effects. Combining clinical nutrition with chiropractic care offers a safe and demonstrated effective approach to injury recovery and long-term patient care. Targeted nutrition plays an important role in achieving maximum health after injury. Nutrients provide the materials necessary for repairing and building tissue, as well as safely managing pain and inflammation through specific biochemical processes relative to each Phase of Care.

Our Goal: Correct your problem with a Personalized Plan

We have a planned method of treatment for each type of disorder. However, we know that even though two patients may have the same disorder, they will not necessarily progress in the same manner. Every patient is an individual who must be studied and analyzed as such. We believe in personal attention, individual care and treating each person as one of our own family members.

As a patient undergoes treatment at our office they will progress through several phases. First relief, then healing, rehabilitation and maintenance. It is only possible to give an estimate of how long treatment will take by thoroughly evaluating the extent of damage and injury in a particular patient. Theses phases are summarized as follows:

Relief- Once misalignments start to correct through chiropractic adjustments the pressure on nerves are relieved. Many symptoms once experienced may disappear or be lessened to a degree.

Healing- Once the injured spine or joint is realigned, muscles ligaments, tendons and the surrounding soft tissue must heal properly and adapt to the new position. Laser therapy, massage or electric muscle stimulation (EMS) may be applied to speed up this process and ensure a better quality of healing.

Rehabilitation- Once the injured area is corrected as much as your body will allow, rehabilitation exercises and instructions on proper body mechanics will be given. This helps strengthen the area and helps prevent re-injury.

Maintenance- A check up may be required on a monthly basis for a period of time to make sure the injury is maintaining it proper position. Maintenance care is always a good idea to ensure that the spinal bones remain aligned properly, nerves are free of pressure and thus resulting in a better health.